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Comprehensive Service From the Accounting Experts in Gulfport

When you need premium accounting services, the last thing you want to do is go searching for several different accountants to find the one that suits your needs. Get your needs taken care of by our experienced certified public accountants at Wright, Ward, Hatten & Guel, PLLC. We proudly offer a wide variety of services to the Gulfport area.

Tax Management

Getting your taxes in order is easy with our premium tax management services. We work with you to achieve financial success, both personally and in your business, by providing accurate, current information regarding tax laws. With our research and experience, we are able to maximize your cash flow while lessening your liabilities.

General Ledgers, Budgeting and More

Keeping your accounting in order is paramount to a successful business. Whether you’re just getting off the ground or have been up and running for several years, we have the knowledge to keep your general ledgers, payroll processing and corporate tax planning running smoothly. We also offer bookkeeping, accounting system setups, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, employee benefit plans and much more.

Audits, Reviews and Compilations

If you need extra assurance that your taxes and books were properly compiled, our audit services are just the ticket. From our basic, internal compilations that work off information your company provides, to our incredibly thorough audits where we scour your balances, transactions and inventory, our reviews give business owners peace of mind.

Estate and Trust Planning as Well as Tax Preparation

Protecting your loved ones and making sure they are provided for is extremely important. Keeping both their financial status and the transfer of business ownership secure is the main goal of estate planning. Our knowledgeable accountants assist you in the navigation of these complicated tax laws while minimizing overall liability and risk.


Running a business involves much more than bringing in profit. Keeping records, entering data and reconciling bank statements are not only crucial to your success, but they also can be extremely time consuming when trying to do it all. Relieve some of that weight on your shoulders with our monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services.


Making sure your employees are paid correctly and on time is a large part of ensuring they are happy and adept at work. Turn payday from a dreaded event into an anticipated one with our payroll assistance. Our computerized payroll setup automates the cutting of paychecks and tax return preparation for businesses both small and large.

IRS Representation

If you’re being faced with an audit by the IRS, having professional representation is vital. Don’t try to navigate through those unknown federal and state tax waters by yourself. Let us guide you through each step of an audit, acting on your behalf during tax discrepancy settlements with our IRS representation services.

Employee Benefits, Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans

With so many benefits both available and demanded by employees, it is imperative that you have the right counsel when selecting and administering those benefit plans. Let us help you develop your own profit sharing and retirement plan from start to finish. We will oversee its implementation and work to amplify your tax advantages.

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At Wright, Ward, Hatten & Guel, PLLC, our accounting firm has taken care of Gulfport’s tax and bookkeeping needs since 1929. Take a load off your plate and find out more about what we can do for you by giving our friendly staff a call today at 228-863-6501.